Cardano Meetups in Taipei, Taiwan

On 7th Jan 2023, We hosted the first Cardano Meetup in Taiwan.

We talked about 3 different topics in the meetup:

  1. Cardano Core Value
  2. Cardano Hot Wallets
  3. Minswap: The biggest Cardano DEX

More than 30 people joined our event in person and around 25 people joined online. We will try to host meetups monthly in Taiwan from this year to teach Taiwanese about the basic knowledge of Cardano/ DeFi protocols/ NFTs.

Here is our videos from the last meetup:


We will update the date of the next meetup in Taiwan here. Some topics are talked in English.



Nice, Will

Great initiative guys! Couldn’t make the last one, but looking forward to more!

It’s a great meet up activity to help and educate new investors to understand Cardano ecosystem. Hope to join you guys in the real world one day.

Yes we will host until you visit Taiwan!

New video about ADA wallet restoration:

Awesome, @willhuang0606
Thank you for organizing this.
Do you have any pictures of the meetup event?
The link you posted above only brings me to your Youtube channel with some tutorial videos

Thank you in advance.

Here is the pic


New video:

@TeddySwap introduction in Mandarin

TeddySwap has been quite popular in the recent days. We made a video for the Chinese #CardanoCommunity

New video:



Djed stablecoin & Shen reserve coin intro We introduce both coins to the Chinese #CardanoCommunity and teach them how to calculate the price of Shen.… #CardanoNFT #Cardano #ADA #CardanoADA #stablecoin #艾達幣

The next meetup is scheduled to be on 25th. We’ve invited Astarter & Crypto Raggies to join!

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Awesome! How can people join? Is there a link they need to sign-up?

Link will be provided after we upload it to Accupass(A website for event registration)

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If you are in Taipei, Taiwan, sign up for the meetup, it’s free to join!