[RECAP] Casual Cardano Community Meet-Up in Berlin [24.06.23]

June 24th, 2023 marked an exciting day for Cardano enthusiasts in Berlin, as they convened at a local beer garden for a lively meet-up. The event, starting at 5:00 PM, saw an enthusiastic turnout from a diverse group of Cardano aficionados, including seasoned hodlers, developers, and newcomers alike.

Attendees were eager to share their Cardano experiences, and the discussions about the blockchain’s future were thought-provoking and dynamic. While maintaining a relaxed and casual tone, the meet-up was far from being just a social event. It served as a platform to deepen community ties and engage in enriching exchanges about the Cardano ecosystem. The blend of casual networking and passionate discourse created a vibrant, unforgettable atmosphere.

Who from the community attended?
@WelfBrandolf from @NOVAversePOOL
@BridgedFuture from @WorldMobileTeam
@snj_peters from @Xerberus_io
@kushman27 (ex) from @nmkr_io
@matiwinnetou from the Cardano Foundation

…and a few others! :slight_smile:

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