Meetup in Frankfurt

Dear Community,

I am planning a Cardano Meetup somewhere in Q1/Q2 2019 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

As a start I am looking for co-organizers, who are willing to help setting up the event.




It depends a bit on the definitive date because there are some long-running things on my dead/timeline for Q1/2

What kind of topics you think should be covered?

Not sure but may look at @PhilippSandner on twitter

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@bercinho Hey Bert - We would love to help :slight_smile: and can attend!

Lets chat tomorrow about it :smiley:


That would be really awesome Jon! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the support!

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Regarding the agenda for the Meetup as Frankfurt is the financial center of the EU (well after London will be out following the Brexit) I would suggest something like “Reinveting the Role & Value Proposition of Financial Entities in the Era of Cryptocurrencies, Public Blockchains & DAOs” and maybe another one “How the EU is approaching & preparing for the Era of Cryptocurrencies, Public Blockchains & DAOs”.

But please feel free to come up with other suggestions, it´s all open and should be a Community driven decision.


Hello Jon,

As part of dCentra, Bert and Me will help in co-organizing the event with other volunteers and sponsors.


@Ganesh Hello! Welcome to the forum :slight_smile: That sounds great - look forward to speaking soon and helping.