I’m sorry you feel that way. I’ll DM you with your request

hey, i read through your posts to the last thread, and i looked at your contributions. i would like to share any winnings with you, and another that did not make the “top 10” cut in this contest. i will split my reward three ways with @alabrash and @lordless.exile

this is an honest offer, and since i’m already in the “top 10”, this will be a guaranteed 33 ADA in the least… which i will round up to 100 ADA.

so consider yourself a winner in my own personal contest. … msg to claim your 100 ADA.

thanks for adding to the community. :cardano:


(EDIT: maybe there can be a more open, bracketed/laddered style “meme-off”, like others have suggested. to take that burden off any judge(s), and put it back upon the participants.)


I created a fictitious account and I voted for one of the memes to have access to the voting results (sorry for the author, nothing to you). Unfortunately, in some works the sudden increase in votes from newly created accounts is an obvious fraud. Is it a selection of the best memes or a race to create new artificial voting accounts? Really the rules have to be changed because it will turn into a pathetic spectacle.


Thank you for bringing this to community’s attention.

Not to worry, I foresaw this.

Contestants, unless you want to forfeit your prize I wouldn’t attempt any “foolish trickery.” You are free to lobby for votes :ballot_box:, but not to create false accounts. This contest is run by a moderator with special privileges on this forum, every single vote will be verified by me.


very well thank you :+1::+1:

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i’m not so sure every new voter is a fraud, it could simply be a case of a winning contestant bringing more people into the community here to vote for their cause through another medium. (…and wasn’t that the point of the contest, to bring more people into the community.)

anything that can be voted upon will be open to being troll-voted, and to think this is about memes!

it’s all in good fun, as long as no one is obviously manipulating votes with varied accounts, i would rather think such bumps in voting come from like minds or friends of the contestant hearing about the contest from other places and being driven here.

i really like the dinosaur one from @shonz as well… but it’s a spicy/surreal level of meme, not to everyone’s taste. … it makes me smile every time, still.

i do like the idea of flushing out the idea of a “meme contest/tournament”, even something that could run continuously, with a true ‘blockchain’ style decentralization aspect to the voting. the contest brought forth a lot of good content in a relatively short/rushed period of time. … think of what we could create if we refined our collective skills and expanded over time?

imagine it evolving as the cardano blockchain itself does… eventually becoming it’s own group of smart contracts or tokens, made to track/rate ‘content’ by various ‘players’ each period, with voting though ‘staking’ of community driven ‘feedback’ points to provide for weighted/fair voting over time.

i’d like to see the memes translated, and from other languages, formats, art styles and cultures. all together, ‘playing’ with the ideas in this Cardano ecosystem evolving around us as the roadmap expands, finding common ground and understanding, while still expressing local flair and viewpoints.


I’ve messaged Sean in regards to new user votes as I’ve shared the meme contest around some cardano users that weren’t forum members.

I thought this may have been part of the reason for the contest to begin with too (like you mentioned).

Not interested in gaming the competition as thats not in good spirits. Happy just to be sharing some memes whatever the outcome.


Hello :wave: contestants

Feel free to lobby for votes :ballot_box:, our community is over 10k strong :muscle:. Reach out to them through DM’s and encourage them to take a minute out of their day to vote :ballot_box:. Start with the top 10 as we are ranked :+1:! Nobody will question the legitimacy of those votes.


Thanks, I did try to check all the boxes. Besides, I do believe there is a lot of people at other projects, but what Charles Hoskinson has done is to bring and form real soldiers of code into the cardano project. So I wanted to reflect that as well. Wish me luck.

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I am not big on Memes, yet they make make me laugh sometimes and I know it’s not easy to create one ( I tried to last year ), this contest was awesome! So many submissions! It’s good to see so many people contribute to the light hearted side of Cardano, I love it! This was a great idea @SeanAlimov and I hope we can look forward to another contest like this, @xxrsee won my vote cause he nailed it with the Shelley bit, hopefully we will see more Memes without them coming from a contest too, good luck all!


I thought I could vote for more than 1 person too. But I am not regretful for who I voted for as all of them were so good. What a challenge to pick 1 winner. A number I liked equally for different reasons. Some talented people into Cardano out there.

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I admit I voted for owenprescott simply because I love space… :slight_smile:


Thank you for voting :ballot_box: @Nathan_Kaiser :smiley: !

Make sure to keep track of the timer :stopwatch:, voting :ballot_box: ends when the thread automatically closes. If you haven’t cast your vote yet, do it now!

Good luck to everyone! And thank you for participating!

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As you can all see, the MEME contest is drawing to a close.

:rotating_light: With less than 3 hours left to cast your votes and decide your winners! :rotating_light:

As the contest is closing soon, Sean and I would be grateful if:
@owenprescott @jandres4 @basia @adatainment @Vanamonde @xxrsee @hugodeanda @fstyle @shonz @qardano
Could all send Sean and I a DM with a wallet address so we can process the prize winnings. :trophy:

Good luck all! Final push to get those last minute votes in!



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