Organizing the MEME submissions


@SeanAlimov do we @ you everytime we post an entry here? or just once?
the two contest links/reposts are here (twitter) and here (unofficial official cardano discord)

Here’s some anti-fud

Looks like I can’t simply just send the project backup. The project file didn’t even include the resources in it. Next best thing is to edit the sounds from the original source video to this onscreen vid I took.

And another one to not waste this post

forgot to add $ADA

Hard to hodl. Worth hodling.

watch on youtube
Can’t embed, copyright content and stuff
Here’s a preview

Have fun~

Link to Youtube if can’t embed again.

Puns so bad you’d wish you never tried crypto

and why don’t we have a cardano-based card/board game yet?

Is that a… CARdano? I’ll see myself out…

here’s one for Emurgo.

Please be the former

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I seriously worry about getting this much power from just making memes
:confused: :bow_and_arrow: ready with the bow, what do we shoot at?

[details=“I may have to use these spider powers for good”]

It’s a classic. If counting past memes, @SeanAlimov would win his own contest just with the delivery

…and another meme to fully use the post

When you tried summoning Shelley and realized you’ve gone too far.


Do I still need to add a caption and text to this?

based on this tweet

Image is quite long, vertically, click on the image to see the whole image and the punchline.

It’s up on reddit. But it may be more straightforward to tweet the link with #cryptomemereview to get on crypto daily. My computer’s having diarrhea so I can’t add any captions/pictures on it yet.

Here’s something different.
Not much of a meme but sometimes I go outside pretending it’s the future

I regret that I don’t have any karaoke tools nor dubbing skills.

And here’s one from the recent AMA

was saving this until Shelley but needed to up my game

Who needs photo editing tools when Japan makes the most hilarious of things irl.

taken from @philpa’s video ,
Philippe, tell me if you don’t like your videos used like this and I’ll burn these uploads. Same way you burnt that wallet

On the news: Cardano Ambassador goes too far to the moon, burns his wallet.

“All of a sudden, your paper wallet is burning” :upside_down_face:




Here’s an obscure one.

and an alternative





@SeanAlimov see two posts, one on twitter and the other on reddit







Screenshot_20190508-101147__01 @SeanAlimov

@SeanAlimov No we must snap the enemy !!! Lol its a joke

FTW ! I love the idea of side chains but u gotta admit this is funny !




I finally feel like I can be useful to this community. Sarcasm is why I’m on this earth


This is my favorite so far


I’m just going to post in bulk now



P.s. I can’t figure out how to do a fancy link to my FB post, so here is my page, and again, my twitter,

And to show my money is where the memes are;

Trying to get more “educational”

Bonus: What I sound like trying to explain any of this to anyone


here are a few, with the simple msg/meme being “stop the FUD”, “stop the fudding”, or maybe even “shut the fud up!” … stfbm hi everyone and (@SeanAlimov), i will post a few more, while i’ve got 'em hot. hopefully they get better (worse?)

what would a meme contest be without a cat… stfaa

ok, last cat one…

but i’m just getting warmed up.

@SeanAlimov EDIT: oops, hit my limit as a newbie here, will drop a few more tomorrow. … but a small preview; “the world’s most interesting man” about worldwide Cardano, “first world problems” about wallet selection, and “exit 12” for investors.

… this one is a nod to charles, but any other of the many countries visited could be included in the list. … @SeanAlimov ((i know the ‘rules’ for submitting require sharing/posting the meme elsewhere on social media (twice) … but, i don’t do social media, and am not going to create multiple accounts on various sites just for a contest. so i’ll dump these here for others to take freely. ))

fwp this would be sub-captioned with Deadalus, Yoroi, Ledger, Trazor, Tangem, Paper, etc… we have many wallets to choose from, what a problem!

carsdd this is how i really feel. … again, i’m just dumping these here, if others want to share, re-post and enter with these exact memes (or their own version of them),… feel free to do so! — these are open source memes folks!

was reading an article and couldn’t help it,…





I did my part :smile:



So funny…! thanks @SeanAlimov :slight_smile:



hilarious and educational? @SeanAlimov, hold my beer.

(hope this is appropriate)


Since international submissions are encouraged, I guess I’ll post this one:

The screenshot is from anime Kakegurui, which is about gambling. So the meme compares gambling to investing in crypto.

Actually, it’s also educational, because it teaches about the risks of investing.

Here’s a proof of sharing link to the contest:



It seems the contest is going well… Let me post another funny picture.

Sorry Charles, but I loved this quote.

I doubt this one is going to win the first place, but I hope it made you smile.


Yet another 3rd generation blockchain meme…


Marvel fans where you at?!

Proof links: Facebook | Twitter

EDIT: Crap. Forgot to tag you. @SeanAlimov






@SeanAlimov thanks for you initiative!

There is 1000 reasons why we like Cardano.
As a developer from France I would just say:


Have a nice day,


cardano meme post links


As Cardano has a thing for Art, my contribution follow this line, thank you so much @SeanAlimov