Cardano needs users, not speculators

Some ADA coin holders are waiting to see when their coins will increase in value. They’re speculators. The value of ADA coins can rise for two reasons. Either the number of new speculators will increase or the number of new users will increase. An individual can be both a speculator and a user. The growth or decline of members in these groups will affect the market capitalization of Cardano. For long-term success, all blockchain networks need the user group to grow. Although speculators can provide market cap growth, it may only be temporary. A strong network effect will be a permanent guarantee of success and will also positively affect market capitalization.


  • Market capitalization tells us about the number of speculators, not the number of real users.
  • Only a high number of users can ensure the long-term success of networks.
  • High volatility and regularly increasing coin values are useful for speculators, not for users.
  • The security budget cannot be filled by faith and narrative, only by transaction fees.
  • It is not worth speculating on a project with low utility in the long run.

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