Cardano Node 1.3.3 (1.33.0) is a pretty remarkable upgrade

2022 will be huugggeeee


Indeed! Cannot wait myself!

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Yeah, it just freezes and does nothing. Truly remarkable, indeed. :rage:

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who? Wasn’t released yet …


This gentleman has no clues what he is talking about. Cardano Node 1.33.0 is not yet released, how can it be freeze?

Awesome news!

1.33.0 was release on Dec 21st, notes in IOG discord


Not officialy :beers:

It’s out now:)

Let’s get the 2022 party started!

Hey Alex, have you updated your node to version 1.33.0 yet?

Looks like now we have to resynchronize the nodes…

yes, the ledger “suffered” few changes, it will take more hours to re-sync the db

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Can I follow the same upgrade guide as previous versions? the only caveat is the resynchronization of the db, right?

Can I copy the db folder from one relay to another for speed?

I didn’t tried so I can tell you if it will help or not ( I expect to not because it’s a different process/scenario)

PS: what guide are u using? cntools or coincashew?


The guide I referred to is this:

try my last script

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