Cardano Node 1.33.0 Failure: Failed to build katip-

i followed the stakepool course here which i have been through thrice without downloading anything just so that i have somewhat of a grasp of the operation. so iguess the question would be can i just continue with the rest of the install steps stopped after cabal command to install node and got the error

hmm continue with the last command for which u received the error before to edit the file

cabal build all… thank you i will try this

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successs so far

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now when i follow the next video when i type the commane cardano-node run it says invalid yaml

the setup of the node paramaters to get on the testnet is extremely vague so once gain im stuck trying to figure out where i need to be to configure the directory files needed to get where i need to go. they want people involved in the blockchain but its a hell of a lot software to compile and run 24/7 on your machine and weeks and weeks of figuring out just how to get only 1 node done and running

issue is that i want to be on the test net however i dont understand how to change the parameters. whem i type the same command that carlos does in the video it just pops an error


U will want to create a node for testnet right?
Do u have ubuntu?

If yes then reinstall the ubuntu (make a fresh installation) and follow my guide

follow the testnet commands at STEP 1

and i am running ubuntu 20.04
last commands were 4 “wget” for topology files

Try my guide… it will be easy to use, manage the nodes and send transactions

In 2-3 hours ur node should be up and running

yes, at this point im willing to start from scratch if needed.
i can not even find cardano-cli in my machine after all of this wasted effort…

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U will gone love (the cntools)