Cardano-node 1.35.4 error- help! **unsupported and unverified version of `cardano-node` with......P2P

ERROR: cardano.node.startup:Warning:5] [2023-01-11 19:07:39.69 UTC] unsupported and unverified version of cardano-node with peer-to-peer networking capabilities

preceding cmds:
$ sudo systemctl start cardano-node
$ journalctl --unit=cardano-node --follow

cardano-node 1.35.4 - linux-x86_64 - ghc-8.10
git rev ebc7be471b30e5931b35f9bbc236d21c375b91bb
cabal: 3.6.2
stack: 2.9.1

**We are looking for ideas on finding solution.


Mainnet or …


warning folks…iam DMed, immediately after post…by “tech support” who immediately want me to connect my wallet. sounds fishy. beware. :slight_smile:

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hey Alex,
thanks for your super quick reply. yes “mainnet”

Thx for let us know!

Ok; and u will want to run with p2p enabled?
Which guide did u follow?

coin cashew. looks like iam getting same error on node build for both BP and R

yaml file not found: /home/usr/cardano-my-node/db/config.json wondering if everything is in the right dir location.

is config.json supposed to be in /db or /cardano-my-node directory?

should be in the place where u set it inside the start script (

Inside the script u can find the paths for all files

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alonzo,shelly,byron,,topology, and DB dir

/db contains

cardano-node.service and config.json

yah…iam going to have to review…CC is unclear at times on Dir

let me check on coincashew… allow me few minutes

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back in 20 sorry

should not be inside db folder, should be inside


Did u download the files for mainnet right? and if so, which files did u download?

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ah thanks.
it looks like i grabbed from first batch PV8…i failed to scroll down…lol. let me redownload…from MAINNET:

  • [Node Config]
  • [Byron Genesis]
  • [Shelley Genesis]
  • [Alonzo Genesis]

I will post back shortly! thanks for the second set of eyes!
iam such a noooob

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ok, files updated…still node is trying to look into db folder for config.json. hmmm

d@bpid:~/cardano-my-node$ journalctl --unit=cardano-node --follow
Jan 11 15:57:08 bpid systemd[1]: cardano-node.service: Main process exited, code=exited, status=1/FAILURE
Jan 11 15:57:08 bpid systemd[1]: cardano-node.service: Failed with result ‘exit-code’.
Jan 11 15:57:13 bpid systemd[1]: cardano-node.service: Scheduled restart job, restart counter is at 1980.
Jan 11 15:57:13 bpid systemd[1]: Stopped Cardano Node Service.
Jan 11 15:57:13 bpid systemd[1]: Started Cardano Node Service.
Jan 11 15:57:13 bpid cardano-node[25166]: InvalidYaml (Just (YamlException “Yaml file not found: /home/d/cardano-my-node/db/config.json”))

did u download also the yaml file?

can u share the output for cat ?

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# Set variables to indicate Cardano Node options
# Set a variable to indicate the port where the Cardano Node listens
# Set a variable to indicate the local IP address of the computer where Cardano Node runs
# listens on all local IP addresses for the computer
# Set a variable to indicate the file path to your topology file
# Set a variable to indicate the folder where Cardano Node stores blockchain data
# Set a variable to indicate the path to the Cardano Node socket for Inter-process communication (IPC)
# Set a variable to indicate the file path to your main Cardano Node configuration file
# Run Cardano Node using the options that you set using variables
/usr/local/bin/cardano-node run --topology ${TOPOLOGY} --database-path ${DB_PATH} --socket-path ${SOCKET_PATH} --host-addr ${HOSTADDR} --port ${PORT} --config ${CONFIG}

looks like the files should be present here /home/d/cardano-my-node/

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does config.json = configuration.yaml ?
iam not seeing it configuration downloads nor a good explanation on CC or Git.

  1. where do i download.
  2. where does it go?

Is this a docker integration only?

sorry my replies were blocked by forum for a day, as iam a new user.

Screenshot from 2023-01-12 13-21-26

this is my relay. bp is similar.