Node stuck starting

When I stop cardano-node and then start it back again it gets stuck in starting and the only way to fix it is to remove the db folder and wait 1-2 days again for the DB to sync. Am I doing something wrong? I’ve been trying to set up my nodes for weeks and I keep running into the same issue.

I can’t tell if everything is working as expected or if something is broken on my side.

For how long it’s staying in starting?

It took like 10hrs for it to change from starting mode… Sorry I thought there was something wrong due to how long it took to start running.

Finally got my pool up and running!


What was it that you did? I am having same issue. Both BP and Relay stuck in Starting.

I don’t know, I left my nodes running and they started working after like 10 hrs.

whelp, this is weird. I did the same thing, deleted the db directory and bam both BP and relay are syncing. IDK, weird. They’re syncing so they’re obviously working right?

Have your nodes synced?

Yes they have!! Had to upgrade the config files and increase RAM. TTY!!

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Hi, Cardano and forum newb here.
I am having this issue. It was working then stopped. Relays seem fine but BP is stuck ‘starting’ in gLiveView.
It’s not a live server yet. I am in the process of building my first pool.
Let me know what files I should post.

What nodes do u have inside topology file for the Producer and Relay?

cardano@adabankmel:/opt/cardano/cnode/files$ cat topology.json
“Producers”: [
“addr”: “”,
“port”: 6001,
“valency”: 2
“addr”: “”,
“port”: 6001,
“valency”: 2

cardano@adarelay2:/opt/cardano/cnode/files$ cat topology.json
{ “resultcode”: “201”, “networkMagic”: “764824073”, “ipType”:4, “requestedIpVersion”:“4”, “Producers”: [
{ “addr”: “”, “port”: 6000, “valency”: 1, “distance”:30, “continent”:“OC”, “country”:“AU”, “region”:“VIC” },
{ “addr”: “”, “port”: 6001, “valency”: 1, “distance”:7365, “continent”:“AS”, “country”:“TW”, “region”:“CYI” },
{ “addr”: “”, “port”: 25437, “valency”: 1, “distance”:10327, “continent”:“AF”, “country”:“ZA”, “region”:“GT” },
{ “addr”: “”, “port”: 3000, “valency”: 1, “distance”:13070, “continent”:“SA”, “country”:“BO”, “region”:“C” },
{ “addr”: “”, “port”: 3001, “valency”: 1, “distance”:14588, “continent”:“NA”, “country”:“CA”, “region”:“SK” },
{ “addr”: “”, “port”: 3002, “valency”: 1, “distance”:15215, “continent”:“NA”, “country”:“US”, “region”:“MO” },
{ “addr”: “”, “port”: 6003, “valency”: 1, “distance”:15604, “continent”:“NA”, “country”:“DE”, “region”:“FL” },
{ “addr”: “”, “port”: 6000, “valency”: 1, “distance”:15924, “continent”:“EU”, “country”:“DE”, “region”:“BE” },
{ “addr”: “”, “port”: 6000, “valency”: 1, “distance”:16072, “continent”:“EU”, “country”:“DE”, “region”:“BY” },
{ “addr”: “”, “port”: 3001, “valency”: 1, “distance”:16133, “continent”:“EU”, “country”:“DE”, “region”:“BY” },
{ “addr”: “”, “port”: 6000, “valency”: 1, “distance”:16275, “continent”:“EU”, “country”:“DE”, “region”:“HE” },
{ “addr”: “”, “port”: 6000, “valency”: 1, “distance”:16355, “continent”:“EU”, “country”:“FR”, “region”:“GES” },
{ “addr”: “”, “port”: 3003, “valency”: 1, “distance”:16519, “continent”:“EU”, “country”:“FR”, “region”:“ARA” },
{ “addr”: “”, “port”: 6000, “valency”: 1, “distance”:16636, “continent”:“NA”, “country”:“US”, “region”:“NY” },
{ “addr”: “”, “port”: 6000, “valency”: 1, “distance”:16846, “continent”:“EU”, “country”:“GB”, “region”:“ENG” },
{ “addr”: “”, “port”: 3001, “valency”: 1, “distance”:17727, “continent”:“EU”, “country”:“PT”, “region”:“11” }
] }

.206 and .205 are my in-house relays

But the relays are 100% synced?

yes. but I ran topupdate after they synced

Try to see if the relays accept connections from the producer

how do I do that?


is the “in” the BP?

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