Cardano Node Docker

Hi everybody,

I’m currently trying to run the docker image for a local cardano node on macOS. But I keep getting this error:

cardano-node: Network.Socket.bind: does not exist (No such file or directory)

The command executed is:

MacBook-Pro:cardano hyferion$ docker run -v /data -e NETWORK=mainnet inputoutput/cardano-node

Starting cardano-node run: /nix/store/1v1hfp0jn4w9yvhl27m4ghdn6k9v4wxm-cardano-node-exe-cardano-node-1.25.1/bin/cardano-node run
–config /nix/store/r6ygkc694c1vfhikdx4dhsqwkim7gds0-config-0.json
–database-path /data/db
–topology /nix/store/mb0zb61472xp1hgw3q9pz7m337rmfx7f-topology.yaml
–port 3001
–socket-path /ipc/node.socket

Anybody else experienced this error or knows how to solve it. I know that in a normal installation I would just export the socket-path. I’m not really an expert with docker, so I’m kinda stuck with this. Any help appreciated!

This is likely [#2340]

Perhaps you’d also like to look at this. It fixes the above mentioned issue and a few others. An ongoing effort to bring this upstream is tracked by [#2360]

Here is the related CIP.

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Thanks a lot! Was the same issue!