Cardano-node metrics explained

It is the first epoch for my staking pool. So therefore I want to collect as much informations as possible. Does anyone knows a documentation about the metrics (cardano-node:12798)? Didn’t find any. Maybe I search in a wrong way?!? I connected a prometheus but not every metric value is self explanatory to me. A bit more information would be helpful.

Esspecially, how can I find out how much TX my pool stake processed? In I see Processed TX: xxxx, MempoolTX/Bytes xx/xxxxx.

Thank you for your tips.



what more exactly do u need?
The metrics for grafana dashboard?


hi @Alexd1985 I don’t find any webpage explaining the metrics, I think that will be really useful

Also I have one doubt, why my two relays have diferent metrics?

Server 154… has two more lines than 185…
cardano_node_metrics_mempoolBytes_int 0
cardano_node_metrics_txsInMempool_int 0



Probably because inside config file u have tracemempool set to true for one node and false for the other

thanks @Alexd1985 . Both have the same default configuration with true. But, one day after, it all appears.

Do you know any webpage that explains each of the metrics from cardano and the node? thanks!

There is no such of site as far as I know but u can find information on google regarding a specific metric