I Need help to understand Cardano Node Metrics

Hi Guys,

Until this point I already have 2 synchronized and monitored servers (RN and PN) with keys already generated, but I haven’t registered them yet.

I’m considering to start a Cardano Pool asap, but I need to understand more about the metrics. Where can I find more comprehensive documentation about this?

I’ve been look for it here at the forum, but I haven’t found

Thanks a lot

Not so much documentation about the metrics… to which metrics are u reffering?

Good question Alex.

I need to understand better about metrics like these:

  • cardano_node_metrics_density_real
  • cardano_node_metrics_Forge_forge_about_to_lead_int /
  • cardano_node_metrics_Mem_resident_int
  • node_filefd_allocated
  • Aggregate Data Transfer (node_network_receive_bytes_total)

My concern is to understand the impact of those metrics to the CN performance and maintenance and why they are so important to be at the Grafana and Prometheus.


there are not so many explanations about… but you can try to search on goole for each metric

for example for the first one (density) I found on another topic:

chain density is a reflection on the health of the network. With block coefficient is 0.05 and slot duration of 20s, and ideal chain density would be ~5%. A chain density with a lower % implies the degree to which nodes are missing or failing to produce assigned blocks.

but for the rest of metrics I couldn’t find anything… anyway

you should care on grafana about the:

  • KES expiration date for Producer
  • Peers connected for Producer and Relay
  • Time syncronization
  • Health of the nodes (CPU, RAM, DISK, SWAP)
  • Tx processed
  • Uptime

These are most relevant for me when I check grafana

Perfect, Alex.

I’ve been setup the nodes following the CoinCashew, and they use the gLiveView. Do you know if there are some documentation (or at least some explanation) about their metrics also?