Cardano-node: Missing protocolMagicId

So - which guide you followed?

I dont understand this - but go through again on this:
and once you can query the tip, then you can use cardano-cli to mint a token

Okay thank you very much for helping me with @raph_cardano I really apreciate it

ok, keep in mind that the node should be fully synced to able to mint.

You’re welcome :pray: happy @laplasz found the root cause

I am facing the same error message but I am already logged in as the user which owns the folders. Did you correct the error by simply changing users or was it something else? I notice your user did not change (alberto-). I think this is because alberto- is not the actual user – it is the name of the server/cpu you are using. Please advise. Thank you

Disregard. I have corrected mine by placing the db folder in the same folder as the 4 json files.

Oh, ok, great :+1: