Error installing new cardano-node: YAML exception: Yaml file not found: configuration/cardano/mainnet-config.json

I am new to installing Cardano-node. I am following the Stake-Pool course, and am stuck on Lesson 1, downloading the config files. When he downloads the config files and runs the cardano-node to get help output, instead of displaying command line parameters, mine gives this error:

YAML exception:
Yaml file not found: configuration/cardano/mainnet-config.json

The file does exist, but not in the “/relay” folder I am currently in. If I cd to the /cardano-node directory, the “cardano-node run” command starts up the node, instead of displaying command line parameters like is shown in the training video.

  1. How do I get “cardano-node run” to show the command line parameters?
  2. Do I have to copy the entire “cardano-node” directory for each instance of a node, and then set the config files for whether it is a relay or block node?
  3. Is there perhaps a better class to take on how to install cardano-node and set up a staking pool?

For mainnet or test net?

I’d suggest you go with this one:

You can watch the videos from the course which explain the platform. Like the UTXO video etc.

Also, it’s expected that you will know some basic Linux system administration otherwise it can be very difficult, not impossible but will require more time to understand everything.

@Alexd1985 can give more info on the automated CNTOOLS approach, but I’d prefer this one as when doing things manually you will be able to understand things better.

Sorry, I just realized this conversation was 27days ago :slight_smile: Not sure how it came up in the Latest discussions list, or probably I messed up something :beers: :slight_smile:

I did find this, and it was successful first time! Thanks for resonding.

From StakePool247 Cardano Node 1.29.0 (Stake Pool) installation guide for dummies - Cardano Node Installation and Configuration Guide (