Yaml file not found error

Hi guys, Im practicing with the tutorial of the stake pool school.
Downloading the latest testnet configuration files works fine.

…-VirtualBox:~/relay$ ls
testnet-byron-genesis.json testnet-config.json testnet-shelley-genesis.json testnet-topology.json

But when trying to run the node, I get an error:

-VirtualBox:~/relay$ cardano-node run
InvalidYaml (Just (YamlException “Yaml file not found: configuration/cardano/mainnet-config.json”))

cardano-node: YAML exception:
Yaml file not found: configuration/cardano/mainnet-config.json…

Im wondering why im getting this error and why its referring to the Mainnet-config.
Any ideas out there?

Not sure where you got that from, your command is incomplete, please follow the instructions exactly as per this page to start node

Not sure If you got me right. You giving me the link to the mainnet files.
Im still in the learn process and learning with the stake pool school.
hier wehere I have to get the TESTNET configuration files.

Then I go to here to start the node. And when doing this I get the error.

They’re both almost similar, you’re running

cardano-node run

While the link asks you to run:

 cardano-node run \
 --topology testnet-topology.json \
 --database-path db \
 --socket-path db/node.socket \
 --host-addr x.x.x.x \
 --port 3001 \
 --config testnet-config.json

Notice the backslash and continuation of rest of the commands.

I get an error as well when I run:

cardano-node run
–topology testnet-topology.json
–database-path db
–socket-path db/node.socket
–host-addr my IP
–port 3001
–config testnet-config.json

Cant copy paste the whole error from the Terminal, forum software tells me, that im not allowed to post more than 2 links.
See the uploaded foto.

I started a new topic on this problem. Error starting Cardno node