Cardano Plutus Smart Contract Guessing Game Tutorial

I stumbled across this tutorial which I don’t want to keep from you:

Source Code:
Plutus: Guessing-Game/Cardano Guessing Game.hs at main · senghuot/Guessing-Game · GitHub
Java: Guessing-Game/Java Guessing at main · senghuot/Guessing-Game · GitHub


It’s great people are producing content for this. But that’s much more of a demonstration than a tutorial. Looking at the plutus code I could not understand any of what was written in that language. There are lots and lots of constructs in the demo which new developers need to understand first. I also noticed how much more intricate and involved the plutus code is compared to the java example.

Is there any material out there with baby steps progressively introducing the concepts required to write plutus code?


I am personally experiencing this and seem to find everybody else is as well. I mean idk about u but I don’t have e.s.p. and dont see any tutorials on anything and not sure how to go about learning this stuff. Except haskell which is confusing as crap in itself let alone all this combined. Idk I feel like just abandoning cardano and learning like solidity or idk cosmos or something. Like are devs really going to choose this over others in the end. I really want to but like man haha. Did they publish any research papers about how if a dev has a choice that is level 10 difficulty and 5 difficulty they will all choose the 5. Ok I’m not trying to rip on cardano staying optimistic and this is platform I want to build on and giving shot at first for sure

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