Please let me know where I can get some help with Cardano Smart Contract?

Hi! I had got many help from this Forum.
Thanks @HeptaSean , @Zyroxa !
Now I need some help more with my smart contract by Haskell & Plutus.
Where can I get help with my cabal project?
Please let me know.

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Unfortunately, there do not seem to be many Plutus experts available in the forum. :unamused:

The only other recent thread about learning Plutus was more of a rant about the frustrating experience:

It seems that you started from a third-party example project. Have you tried starting from the tutorials in or

And an appeal: You are starting a lot of scattered threads with single questions (which unfotunately get very few answers). Can you try to consolidate your questions in a single thread? Perhaps this one?

Thanks @HeptaSean !
You always help me.

Greetings @bluesky0812
I am the guy that started the thread that @HeptaSean linked in his response above.
If you scroll all the way to the bottom of the thread you will see the following written by me.

I am grateful for all the support and help given to me here by the Cardano community.
Thank you for hearing my complaints and for finding real solutions to my problems in understanding and learning how to work with Cardano tools. I believe that help is coming in the form of guidance and prerequisite learning materials that we can study prior to taking on the Plutus Pioneers course.

IOG and community support on the discord and on the Cardano stackoverflow has been amazing.
Thank you for helping me set up my development environment and for helping me get started with the course materials.

Finally, want to apologize to my IOG teachers for being rude.
I was not ready to receive your instruction - that was my only problem.
You deserve only respect for being the first to teach something the world has never seen before.

So you see, the title of the thread is a disservice to the community and is only representative of my immaturity. The community gave me all the help I needed despite my attitude.

The cardano stackexchange is found here

I am sure Rebecca Hopwood can help by get you on the IOG discord which gives you access to the entire community of developers.

Also, you may want to ask Rabecca how you can get access to all the Plutus Pioneer learning materials and the location of the most recent software libraries.

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