Cardano Roadmap Update - 1st Dec


In a fully decentralised network, software and protocol updates should not be decided by a central authority. To ensure that its protocol can be developed over time, Cardano will have a voting center for updates. Updates to the software and the protocol can be proposed, and users will be able to vote on those proposals, weighted by the amount of stake they hold. Users who do not want to concern themselves with technical details may delegate their voting rights instead, and trust a stake pool to make an informed and responsible decision on their behalf.


A paper wallet is a new type of wallet that will be available in Daedalus. Paper wallets are single address wallets (not HD wallets) that can be used for secure, long-term holding of Ada, placing funds in cold storage on a physical medium. Optionally, paper wallets can be created with a quantum resistant signature scheme that will make them secure even when quantum computers become available.

Users will be able to print their paper wallet certificates, which will contain the encrypted private key of the wallet and a mnemonic phrase that is needed to decrypt the private key during wallet restoration. The paper wallet certificate will also include an address of the wallet that can be used to receive Ada while the wallet is stored offline.

A private key can be removed from Daedalus for paper wallets stored in cold storage. After the removal of the private key, the paper wallet can still be used in Daedalus in a read-only mode. This will allow users to check their wallet balance and see the transactions while keeping the wallet safely stored offline.


Now that the mainnet has been launched, the engineers will shift their development approach. Updates will be more regularly made to the software, and this approach has the advantage of delivering new features sooner to end users. Another benefit of these new working processes is to allow us to design more detailed software tests. How the team is planning its activity is fully explained in this blog post.

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Great news.

Voting should not be influenced by the amount of coins they hold …but, on the other hand, spammers with a few coins and automated scripts can have an influence on the voting results, maybe (just maybe) the best thing to do is to gather a strong team and delegate them to vote. It also depends on what are we voting for, if it’s a new logo or a proposal to burn or add coins … so, the topic matters : )

Thank you for taking the time of this sum-up.

Solid! I’m really enjoying the monthly updates already