Cardano update 1.2 is on schedule for a mid-April release


Paper wallets!! I am glad this is being confirmed, thanx for the post!


Can someone explain the advantage of paper wallet over writing down the 12 seed words on paper ?

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For myself the main benefit of it will be a fancy way for me to continue to bring family and friends into cryptocurrency, I will be able to give them a preloaded wallet that looks official,

But the roadmap does have an explanation for cold storage benefit:

The introduction of paper wallets in Cardano will provide users with a protected offline cold storage option for Ada. This feature will benefit users by making it easy to safely store and receive Ada offline. Users will be able to use their paper wallets for long-term currency deposits, keeping their wallet and private key offline.

Printable paper certificates that include the address of the wallet will enable users to continue to send Ada to their offline wallet. The read-only mode of Daedalus means that users will still be able to retain control of their investment and keep track of their balance and transaction activity.

I see no big difference in paper wallets and your 12 seed words, it does look like a paper wallet has another pass phrase to access though.