OFFLINE paper wallet generator for Cardano

Does anyone know where I can find an OFFLINE paper wallet generator for my Cardano ADA ? The Daedalus wallet does not work for me. But I really want to get my ADA off an exchange and into cold storage until I can get a new computer and working Daedalus wallet. For example Bitcoin, Ethereum, Komodo, Neo, etc… all have OFFLINE paper wallet generators available. Is there one for Cardano or will one appear soon ? Thanks in advance.

There are already plans for the paper wallet but no official date.
Here is how they could look like :wink:


Awesome. Love such Mythology. Great Branding :slight_smile:

Good paper, i prefer online wallet.

Hope this doesn’t offend anyone, but I’m not too keen on this design. The art itself is brilliant, but when I think of Cardano I think of a mature brand. This logo doesn’t resonate as very mature to me. Love the bull concept.

any updates on this ?

As you can see on the roadmap, paper wallets will be released in Shelley, not before. Currently at 10% at the time of posting

The “bull” is actually Minotaurus, the guardian of the Deadalus maze. After all, why not.
You can’t get more mature than Greek mythology. 2000 years old and so little that can defeat its way of telling the human nature