Daedalus Wallet how to video - Cardano 1.2 version



Hi Cardano fans, traders, and hodlers,
I made a youtube video about using the Daedalus wallet version based on Cardano 1.2.

Feel free to share if you want to show others how the wallet works. I will do a separate video for printing paper wallets. Let me know if there are any other subjects you would like to see.

Warm regards,


Thank you, @rickymac! This is an awesome contribution! :raised_hands:


Thanks @vantuz-subhuman.

What the video really shows is that “old people can do crypto too”



Thanks Ricky.


Thank you, Rick. Looking forward to a “how to” video on the paper wallet. Really a step by step guide for dumies (with no experience in paper wallets what so ever).


Thanks @rickymac