How to open ADA paper wallet offline?

I want to buy some ADA and to store them into a cold offline paper wallet. I am new in Cardano and I am not a coder.

  1. How can I generate a reliable ADA paper wallet - offline (and without downloading the DB)?
  2. Is there an offline ADA wallet generator - like the for Bitcoin?

I searched some topics and did not find a reliable option, is there maybe an update about this issue?
Thank you

Paper wallets are not state of the art. I would go with a simple hardware wallet (Ledger Nano S) and a light client like It makes all things like stake delegation, sending/recieving ADA much easier.

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Thank you but I prefer a paper wallet - I do not intend to spend these ADA in the coming years

This Youtube video might be interesting for you

Using Yoroi:
How to Give Cardano ADA as a Gift

Using Daedalus:
Creating a Paper Wallet for your Cardano (ADA) using Daedalus

Hope it helps. Wish you a good day! @emil.kol

I used Daedalus Mainnet 3.3.2#(16919) for Windows, and I synced the DB, but, I don’t see option to create an offline paper wallet of 27 words (although that the Youtube video of above shows that option in Daedalus). The only option that I see is to create an online Shelley wallet of 24 words, which I created and it synced with the blockchain.
1). How to create an offline paper wallet in Daedalus?
2). If the option of creating an offline paper wallet exists in Daedalus, then, at which stage can I turn-off the internet connection and continue with creating the offline paper wallet?

I would choose an e-wallet