Question concerning creating offline wallets

The most secure way to create a paper wallet is offline is Cardano capable of this operation. Because a paper wallet created by a offline computer that never goes online is the best way. This is the safest method especially if the computer used has never been online and will never go online. I use a specific computer for this process that has been disabled to never be able to go online via any means. Transfer the wallet via a safe USB. I know this is possible with bitcoin wallets but is this process possible with the Cardano wallets. Also how will the paper wallet be effected when the transition to shelley is completed. I imagine it should be ok due to Cardano simply taking a snap shot of the Byron system for the transfer to Shelley from Byron.


if you don’t mind using the shell, you can use cardano-cli to create an offline wallet.

To make sure everything works I recommend using only a few ada to try things. Play around with it, try to import the created wallet into an online wallet later as well.

(if all this works and you are satisfied you have to create an offline wallet again)

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Sorry bro, what am i suppose to do with that,

  1. install rust

OK but will Cardano bring out a simpler method because I am not a coder although i wouldn’t mind learning.

Shall i down load RUST anyway and give it a go, even though I dont know anything about codeing, do u think I might be able to fumble my way through it bro

The feature is on a roadmap for Daedalus, it’ll be released after Shelley:

Paper Wallets V2

To improve security, the new version of paper wallets will allow the offline creation of paper wallets and will not require Daedalus to be synchronized with the blockchain. A new single-address scheme will be used, but the restoration of paper wallets will retain compatibility with the initial version of paper wallet certificates. The process will be easier and more intuitive by linking paper wallets with normal ada wallets. Daedalus will also support the restoration of paper wallets in read-only mode for audit purposes, which will keep the private key stored safely offline.


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Paper wallet generation using the Yoroi extension works offline.


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You are right, in that case I would not recommend going through the command line jungle. (unless you want to learn it)

There are already great suggestions in this thread and for the sake of completeness a hardware wallet like the Ledger Nano would also be a convenient and secure way to generate a key offline.