Paper wallet without downloading the whole blockchain

Hi everyone! It’s of an importance for me to store ADA as safe as possible and to own a private key/seed phrase, so I’m looking for a paper wallet.
Daedalus is not fitting for me as I have an internet connection of a rather intermediate quality, so Yoroi will be a better way.
With the relationship to the fact that the information about Yoroi is not fresh enough, I have some questions:

  1. Is Yoroi currently one of the official ADA wallets?
  2. With Yoroi, it’s possible to generate only Byron paper wallet addresses which have an older format as compared to Shelley and most exchanges’ “Dd…” addresses. Is it possible to send & receive ADA between a Byron address and all other address types without limitations?
  3. Will Byron addresses be supported further by ADA’s blockchain?
  4. Is there maybe another solution to generate a paper wallet of a more modern format without downloading the full ADA blockchain?


  1. Yea, both daedalus and yoroi are cardano official wallets, the difference is that daedalus is a full node and needs to download all the db, and yoroi is a light wallet (don’t need to download all the db)

  2. We are not in Byron erra anymore, so you will need to create a shelley wallet format

  3. All ada holders were invited to move ada from byron to shelley; (i don’t know the answer till when byron addresses will be supported )

  4. Use yoroi browser extension in chrome; you will need only to install de cardano extension in browser


Use yoroi browser extension in chrome; you will need only to install de cardano extension in browser

You probably misunderstood what I want to do here. I want to create a Shelley paper wallet. Up to now, I haven’t found such an opportunity.

Here two things are important: Shelley, and paper wallet, i.e. via offline creation.
In yoroi, Shelley is created only online. And if I choose create paper wallet, I generate it and try to import it, then it will be only Byron, with 21-word seed phrase and “Ae2t…” address, not Shelley. So my interest is how I can create a Shelley paper wallet.

I just registered for the same exact reason. Even the latest Yoroi browser extension (version 3.9.7) is creating only old Byron paper wallets. I really don’t understand the meaning and the value of creating old type paper wallets if we definitely need newer Shelley wallet format.

Could anyone please answer the question? How to create printable Shelley paper wallets, offline?

see if it helps

Thank you very much Alex.

So… the only way is; using Cardano Command Line Interface which is in alpha phase and which is only for debugging and testing, because it is not a stable release. And to be able to use it, I need to install Rust Cardano SDK first.

and I know, it is not a joke.

But I understand that u can also can create papper wallet offline with yoroi chrome extension

Only Byron. Not Shelley.

Oh, my bad

Seemingly there can be the following solution.
I switch my computer to the offline mode. In Yoroi I create a Shelley wallet, but I see the warning that there is no sync. To see the Cardano address, I should restart Chrome (still offline) and follow to my Yoroi wallet there. In total, I have a 15-word phrase (for Shelley) and an “addr1…” Cardano address.

To check whether the same address can be imported like a paper Shelley wallet, I removed Yoroi from <user_directory>\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions directory and installed it again, and now, in the online mode, I imported my wallet by my saved 15-word phrase. I checked, the Cardano address is the same as in my previously created Shelley wallet. So it worked nice.

It would be nice if someone could repeat this experiment for a wallet with non-zero balance and could test the imported wallet’s sending functionality, since I’ve still never sent ADA to Yoroi from outside.


I’m just getting into this , are you still looking for how to do this? If so, maybe I can help, I’ve been playing with cardano-address command line and I think it will do what you want.