Conversion of PAPER WALLETS from Byron to Shelley

Related to the conversion of paper wallets from Byron to Shelley.
The BIG issue: The only transfer option from Byron paper wallets to Shelley is through the section - CLAIM/Transfer Ada the Byron Era Wallet, but when you choose this option YOROI needs internet access to sync and from that moment neither the old nor the new wallet are safe 100%, because the main security option of a paper wallet is based on offline mode generation!!! You have no way to guarantee the security offered by generation in offline mode of a paper wallet after this sync is made.
This is why I and many others like me refuse to convert to Shelley and prefer to hold our funds on the old Byron wallets even if we do not benefit from the option of Delegated / Stake / Vote.
Please inform us if the option of keeping the funds on the old Byron wallets is long term viable and the funds will still be accessible by the owners even after a few years later.
We do not want to be forced after a few years to sue anyone to be able to determine who and how the damage will be paid
Thank you.

Who is the “you” you are addressing?

Yoroi does not offer to create new paper wallets anymore as far as I can see. So, you are right, once you transfer from the paper wallet to a new usual wallet the alleged safety of a paper wallet will be gone.

(I never understood their appeal if they are generated on a computer that is just temporarily disconnected from the Internet, but far from totally air-gapped.)

Best bet to get something safe are in my opinion still hardware wallets – Trezor, Ledger, Keystone in near future.

What you could do: Generate yourself a “paper wallet” manually on command line on an air-gapped device, note its address, claim with Yoroi and immediately transfer to that new manual paper wallet.

There are no plans to remove the ability to deal with Byron era addresses in the core blockchain as far as I’m aware. But support by wallet apps will continue to fade, Yoroi being the only wallet app that has a somewhat comprehensive support. Should still be possible to find someone™ to hack something together to move your funds later, but will be some effort.

Good luck in finding someone to sue, though.

Being a dedicated Cardano forum ----> YOU -----> IOHK blockchain builder / Emurgo commercial applications manager / THIRD PARTY old or future new players, addressed to all those involved in the project.

On " ergoforum " seems that this subject is subject to censorship, don’t let you post anything about the subject, an important topic that affects many people.
And this censorship shades even more confidence on the project regarding investors who have chosen this form of holding coins, I bet it’s not only my opinion.

Considering the exclusion of paper wallets as a means of holding / hodl your own coins i’m thinking to sell all of my ada and to invest in another project.

When a project starts and from the beginning the project offers you some options from which you can choose, on how to keep your coins and along the way after you have already chosen your favorite option they interferes with your plans already adopted and implemented " paper wallets ", changing your long term investment strategy, it has no way of not affecting your confidence in the project.
One of the reasons I chose this project was the existence of paper wallets.

Hardware wallets are not safe either, it has already been shown that they can be hacked if a third party has physical access to them or the firmware has a backdoor, and also in the case of firmware updating or data synchronization there is the possibility of “man in the middle” attack.

Read about latest news about Ledger firmware backdoor, or Trezor physical hacking success!

Good luck keeping your coins on hardware devices, but remember, when you keep your coins on third party platforms on internet or on the hardware equipments like you mentioned on whose creators can access your decryption keys, passwords or through which you make updates or synchronization, you have a chance to discover that you have nothing more, that everything you had disappeared one day, the safest version is that of paper wallets, you are your own bank, your own security department, the owner of your own security protocol, the only one responsible.

And another thing, buy your hardware devices and coins with credit / debit cards or after submiting to KYC protocols for a complete badly job done, it seems that the majority of the ppl does not understand the philosophy of Crypto or the way it has to work and what is the purpose of Crypto existence.

Stay safe and in alert mode, trust no one, success !!!

Thanks for answering, I appreciate you.

I communicated with those from Emurgo since Oct 11, 2023, 18:01 GMT+1 and after a few exchanges of emails in which I received some vague answers which indicated to me that they are not yet determined to take a final decision,I also received one last official response.

I’ll drop here the last two emails received from them, together with my last email addressed to them:

                                            TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN!

Replay from EMURGO / Yoroi:


Oct 25, 2023, 12:41 GMT+1
Hi again,

Just received an update regarding the future of paper wallets. It seems that the possibility of claiming paper wallets in Yoroi will be kept for the foreseeable future. So there’s nothing you have do to with the wallet for now, I’m really sorry for the confusion.

I’m still waiting on more details so will keep you updated.


Me / BitShoot, last addressed to them:

Nov 13, 2023, 00:22 GMT

This is a follow-up to your previous request #29842 “Related to the conversion o…”

First I want to thank you for your answer!

Second, I want to double check the information received from you related to ADA coins which are now stored on BYRON era addresses / PAPER WALLETS.


“”" The funds will still be accessible in the future, long distant future " long term HODL - 2027 or 2030 " to be CLAIMED / RECOVERED from an old BYRON era PAPER WALLETS addresses, based on 21 Word Phrase and Password, being able to transfer or sell the coins !?


“”“” Is there any rumor or official info related to the possibility in the future to provide an option for interested investors on the offline option, to be able to create SHELLEY addresses in offline mode / cold storage, without the need of online sync?

Not all of us want to Delegated / Vote / Stake, some of us invest today and check the status of funds in a few years later, not an active investor , that’s why we choose cold storage PAPER Wallets, so we consider being fair to offer us a stable and secure way of accessing coins no matter how long has passed since the investment has been made.

If you as a team crew have brain storm meetings I think would be a good subject to analyze.

PAPER WALLETS are by far the safest way of holding coins, not HARDWARE devices.

Thank you, best regards!!!



Nov 17, 2023, 16:09 GMT
Hi again,

At the moment, there are no defined deadlines but we’re talking about keeping the possibility of restoring paper wallets for the foreseeable future.

From our side, there are currently no plans to provide/return paper wallets as a separate feature, this feature has not been popular since the start, so there is likely no significant demand for it, however, I’ve shared your feedback with the team for future ideating sessions and it will be taken into account.

Have a good weekend!


For the moment I have stopped the purchase of new ADA coins up to a possible official announcement from Emurgo /Yoroi related to the subject, I will not sell, I will maintain the funds on the old Byron Era.

Best Regards to u all, keep it safe and TRUST NO ONE!!!

Hello, can you double-check if this thread is still useful?: How to restore paper wallet of 21 word seed from Yoroi Wallet?

I don’t think the subject is related.
What does your subject have to do " How to restore paper wallet of 21 word seed from Yoroi Wallet? " with my subject looking for an answer to the question related to the safety of funds in being still available and recoverable over a few years from now, Like 2030?
The fact that today November 2023 can still recover in conjunction with the fact that they have announced that the PW support and PW new addresses generator are permanently going bye bye does not offer pice of mind… so yes my topic is still useful if you ask ironically.
When someone holds on a PW equivalent of $ 100 prob is not so important, but there are others who have amounts made up of several figures, and in this case the subject is important.
The fact also confirmed by the views of the link offered by you, posted in August * 178 views and this subject posted in October with * 701 views.

And if you were not ironically related to my topic you can double, triple check yourself on your subject.

I think the question was if the other thread is still useful.

Kind of relevant question since this one doesn’t contain a screen-shotted how to claim/transfer the paper wallet.

And, yes, it’s still somehow like described in the other thread. Looks a bit different since paper wallets are now the only wallets that can be claimed/transferred and all other Byron support has been removed. Also worth noting that it’s only available in the classic interface, not in the Beta interface as far as I can see.

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The reason that not many have opted for this way to keep their funds to give up paper wallets shows the non-seriousness of those who manage these projects, a project must have as many options regardless of market quotas.
It is as if you say that it does not matter organic food that most of the populations eat only foods full of preservatives and chemicals, this is a clear madness.
And the fact that it was given up on paper wallets during the game is much more serious than if it had not been offered since the beginning of the project.