How to restore paper wallet of 21 word seed from Yoroi Wallet?

I have generated a paper wallet of 21 word seed from Yoroi few month ago. When I come back with new version of Yoroi recently. It seems they have been removed the restore function for paper wallet. I also tried Daedalus but no working too. If you have any other option, please support.

Hello @Lichnowski

Yoroi still has recovery for paper wallets as far as I can see.
You need to select
Wallet / Claim/Transfer ADA
then you select Byron.

Then choose Icarus/Yoroi Wallet tab and select:
Legacy Yoroi paper wallet

This will open a window for 21 Word Phrase paper recovery.

However, you need to have a new address ready since it will ask you to make a transaction to move your ADA.

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:


How it become legacy so fast.
It is clear for me now.

Many thanks for your time.

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Please i am no longer seeing the claim ada in my yoroi
I want to restore my paper wallet please

Seems they removed that option (or did not yet include it) in the new version of Yoroi.

You can switch to the old version in the settings. Then, the “claim/transfer” option becomes available.

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Ok thanks let me try it and see if it works
It did not work plese can you try it and send screenshots of the step by step procedures pleae sir

In the settings:
Switch to “Yoroi old version”:
Then “Claim/Transfer” becomes available:
Where you can just give your 21 word seed phrase and it will create a transaction moving everything from that paper wallet into the currently active wallet.

If that does not work, please be more specific what exactly does not work.

Thanks sir let me try it now and see if it works
Which browser dud you used sir

This is in Brave, but it 100% looks exactly the same in any Chromium-based browser – Chrome, probably even Edge.

Uploading: 20231212_141427.jpg…
It is displaying no wallet selected

Do you have a (non-paper) wallet in that instance of Yoroi?

You cannot just use a paper-wallet. You can only transfer what is on there into another wallet and that one has to be restored and selected in Yoroi.

I don’t have a non yoroi wallet
Can i create one?

If up to now you only have that paper wallet, then yes, create a new wallet and save the seed phrase!

Pairing a hardware wallet would be even better if you have one.

I just created the wallet now
What’s next

Now you can claim/transfer the things from that paper wallet to the newly created wallet.

Thanks alot sir
Gid will bless you
I will do that one’s it is synching

God will bless sir i have done it and my wallet is now credited