Yoroi paper wallet restoration / recovery issue


a few months ago, I made a Yoroi paper wallet (the Yoroi Origami one) and since last week I’ve been trying to recover it. But recovery/restoration has turned into a nightmare, due to my own fault…

So I’ve still got

  • the correct wallet address
  • the correct and full 21 word recovery seed phrase
  • the correct account checksum
  • full access to the Yoroi wallet I created the paper wallet with (and sent the transaction from)
  • just a few parts of the paper wallet pw (yes, that’s sad & quite noobish from my side, I know…)

Is there any chance or any way to restore the paper wallet and/or the paper wallet pw back from this mix of right checksum, wallet address and full recovery seed phrase? Or in combo with my original Yoroi wallet?

Or do I have to continue to guess the pw from the fragments I remember, till I might find the right combination?

Damn… should’ve taken more time to secure that, while I created the Origami paper… I’ve really screwed this up big time, haven’t I? :confused:

Thx for your help and any replies in advance!


I never used a paper wallet and don’t know for sure, but sometimes when recovering other wallets, people think the old spending password is required when it’s not, it’s a new one that’s being asked for. Is it possible that’s what’s happening here?

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Hi Rob,

thx for your reply, but I think that goes for the Daedalus paper wallet. I made a Yoroi origami paper wallet, leaving it out there is not possible, have a look:

btw: The info about the amount of characters is not right in that interface. It requires at least 12 chars (this is among the things I remember from the time I made the paper wallet in Yoroi).


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Hello @LinToS, a paper wallet is always a new wallet, it is never connected to any other wallet.

The password in this paper wallet is like an additional seed word, please do not confuse it with the spending password.

Like the message in the screenshot says: every password will lead to a new wallet. You will not be able to restore the right wallet without this password.

Sorry to say that but the only way to solve this is trying to hack yourself finding out the password or trying different kind of words that you might have used.


Hi Tommy,

thx for your reply. Didn’t know about the paper wallet’s pw mechanics, should have done my homework in advance… Or if I just had written down the one version which I picked, together with the “main” seed phrase which I still have… Guess that would have been just too easy and simple :sweat_smile:

Already tried all kinds of combinations, not all of course but probably a few hundreds, but will continue on my quest through my confused human mind to find the right one…

At least, the ADA is not gone. Checked the address and all is still in there. So worst case would be me having a filled but locked paper wallet that perhaps some ancestors might be able to get in with some future tech of reverse engineering this data. Who knows… :laughing:

Another thing I wondered: Is there any other way than the Yoroi testnet wallet to redeem a Yoroi (Origami) paper wallet? The classic Yoroi wallet doesn’t offer this option anymore (only for Daedalus paper wallets) or did I miss that option somehow/somewhere?


I think that would have made a lot of sense. (Of course then store in two different places.)

Oh! That could be the source of your problem as well. You need to restore that wallet in the Mainnet Yoroi wallet. This can be done under -> Transfer funds from another wallets -> 15-word mnemonic.

I think was confuses you is just that this is a new consolidated menu. You will see funds in the testnet wallet only if you created that wallet before November the 29th, 2019.

There is a video for this:

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But I just have the 21 word seed phrase, I don’t remember that there was a version with 15 words when I created the Origami wallet :thinking:

I just checked that again: I created the wallet about one and a half weeks before that date. So it should turn up in the new menu/ in the testnet wallet restoration, right?

Sorry you are right. I mixed it up, the “legacy” Byron (aka current main net) wallets have a 21 word seed phrase.

Since you are only able to restore one account, you need to select paper wallet right in the start screen:

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Sorry if the following question is kinda dumb/naive or similar, as I basically don’t know a lot about cryptography or the mechanisms, which are involved in the creation of checksums, but during my attempts to recover the paper wallet, I encountered a few checksums which only have some small differences (in some rare cases just 2 different chars / positions) compared to the original one.

Could I use these few similar checksums in some way as indicators for going into the right direction or am I totally wrong with this assumption?

Unfortunately I don’t know what you mean by the term “checksum”. There is no way of extrapolating anything to get the key or your lost password.

Among other things like the wallet address and the seed phrase, I also got the correct “account wallet checksum” of my paper wallet. It consists of 4 chars & 4 digits, for example: “ABCD-1234”.

In my tries to restore the wallet with different pw recombinations, I encountered a few new account wallet checksums, that were very close to the correct one (just 1 or 2 digits / chars wrong), so I had the thought, that this may indicate, that I might be going in the right direction with these specific tries (position of the fragments that I remember or similar).

If these are just some random similarities, I’m sorry for asking, as I’m not that familiar with these concepts (at least yet).

It’s just a coincidence. The checksum is generated through hashing so similar inputs will generate totally different outputs.
If you roughly remember what your password looks like (no upper case? no digits? dictionaries words? specific length? etc.) you may be able to narrow it down enough for brute-force search to be possible as long as you know a bit of programming. Unless you roughly know what the password looks like though this option won’t be worth the time. All paper wallets have a place for you to enter a “password hint” on them so maybe you wrote something that can help you.


Thx for the clarification.

Yep, would’ve been useful but I had the thought that any hint on the paper would be unsafe, so I kinda screwed myself in multiple ways at that time :sweat_smile:

Hmm, that might be worth the try. But I guess, I don’t know enough about programming to create my own kind of “bruteforce selfhack script”. I’m willing to learn though. Any chance you could pinpoint me to some learning resources / tutorials suitable for beginners, which wouldn’t lead me to too dark places? Even just a few good keywords would be nice, so I could start that venture on my own.

Love your contributions to the project I need some help one current up to date versions of iOS devices my friends go through the prompts to set up yoroi wallets however there is no prompt to create a password to access the Emurgo app so when they successfully create the yoroi wallet the can log back in because it is asking for a app sign in password total waste of time can you help I try to work with yoroi but they are not even comprehending what I am saying

Thanks for your help using Daedalus is not an option for my friends right now who all are on iPads and a iPhones

When you open a wallet in Yoroi mobile you will notice a gear like symbol in the upper right --> Touch it, then on the top it should say WALLET | APPLICATION --> touch application. You will find the settings to protect the app there. (pin, biometrics, etc)

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