Paper wallet option gone in both Daedalus and Yoroi

Hello everyone,

I have tried google and other search engines looking for the answer to why the option to create paper wallets was removed, was it a security problem if so i can understand why there is no explanation easily found?

It’s strange really that the answer to this question isn’t in the first few hits on google.

If u have a 27 seed words (daedalus paper wallet) u can try to restore on

Ah, no i have no paper wallets. I would like to create one but when searching the net everywhere you find that the option was removed but no one says why the option was removed or if there is a time plan for bringing it back?

on mobile version is not available this option but u can check on desktop version (I can’t)

the steps are:

  • install yoroi for google chrome (from official sources)
  • open yoroi
  • create wallet
  • select cardano
  • select Paper Walet

PS: first time try to send only few ADA to the paper wallet address and check/try to restore the wallet… if u see the right balance then u can send all funds
Also bkp the SEED WORDS… you will need it later


Thank you!

I only looked at Yoroi on the mobile, a wallet now created easy as that thanks to your brilliant guidance sir!

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you are welcome!