Where can i create a paper wallet?

I tend to gift Ada to friend who don’t crypto and would love to give a paper wallets with some Ada on it.
Daedalus years back gave the option but no longer.
Is there somewhere I can create a paper wallet?

Hello @jeddog

Yoroi wallet has an option to create a paper wallet.

Open Yoroi.
Go into My Wallets:
Then select “Add New Wallet” from top right:
Then choose “Create Wallet”:
Select Cardano ADA:
Then select “Paper Wallet”:

You need to set a password. You will get PDF with QR code, 21 word security phrase and address which you can use to fill up that paper wallet.

Please remember that paper wallets are not hosted on Yoroi, so if you loose PDF, 21 words or your password that you make after creating that wallet all ADA in there will be gone forever.

Best is to test it with small amounts first. Send a couple of ADA, then return it. Then once you feel confident in a whole process make a new paper wallet for whatever you are using it for.

Hope this helps :smiley:

Great thanks.
I deleted Yoroi ages ago because it was the worst. Ill reload and do that.
thanks again.

I’m trying to restore this paper wallet that I just created on Yoroi. There’s no option to restore a paper wallet. The paper wallet has 21 word seed phrase.
Can you help with this?

Just click Restore Wallet in Add Wallet section and screen will pop up with paper wallet option:

The newly created paper wallet turns out to be a Byron standard wallet not Shelley.

“Note: The Shelley protocol upgrade adds a new Shelley wallet type which supports delegation.
To delegate your ADA you will need to upgrade to a Shelley wallet.”

I need to make it as easy as possible for friends that are new to crypto.
I might just have to make a hand written one.

Thanks for the help

If it’s a gift, you can make a card with a special greetings and just write the recovery phrase by hand. That’s a special touch!