Use Paper wallet as well as Trezor?

At first a Daedalus holder but now a Yoroi user, I never trade and am a determined HODLer. Yoroi recognises my Trezor T and displays its icon in the Yoroi header. I began buying ADA quite some time ago and am presently looking for advice. Would it make sense, even though I am protected by the Trezor, to also move my ADA onto a paper wallet? Are there any problems with having both protections?

Am I correct in thinking that, having both, I shall be able to stake the lot when this facility is active?

Thanks in advance,

elderly OddPod

When Shelley is released you will not be able to stake with either Yoroi or Daedalus paper wallets. You will probably end up having to redeem your paper wallet and then create a new kind of paper wallet (this is because Shelley will require a new kind of address called the v3 scheme but Yoroi uses v2 and Daedalus uses v1).
Paper wallets are nice for easily being able to create them and hand them out as gifts without having to pay for the cost of a hardware wallet. They’re also currently the only kind of wallet that supports plausible deniability.
With a paper wallet, you can’t send funds from it without turning it into a hot wallet. For Trezor, you can spend from it anytime and it still remains a cold wallet.

Thanks Sebastien, guess I will wait a while for the V3 paper wallet. I have a cheap Windows 10 laptop (with attached Trezor) just for my crypto and rarely turn it on.