Daedalus + Trezor. Question, help?

Hi. I have my ADA delegate using Yoroi + Trezor since August, all correct.
It turns out that now I connect my trezor to my Daedalus wallet using the new Daedalus + Trezor feature and my new wallet appears in Daedalus + Trezor with all my ADA balance, rewards, etc. like it is in Yoroi, I open my Yoroi wallet and my ADA balance appears there as well as in Daedalus.
My question is: Using my Trezor device I can use Yoroi or Daedalus interchangeably, it doesn’t matter if I operate with my ADA in either of the two wallets (Yoroi or Daedalus), the seed that my Trezor saves after creating my Yoroi wallet now also works for Daedalus and can I operate on Daedalus or Yoroi interchangeably? Sorry I’m a bit confused, I thought that in Daedalus I was going to create a new wallet and if I wanted to operate in Daedalus I should transfer my ADAs from Yoroi, but I see that my ADA appears directly in Daedalus when I connect through my Trezor. Someone help me please.
Thanks and best regards.

Hey @josma

If you create a new wallet in Daedalus or Yoroi you also generate a new private key. But because you are using a hw device, which already has a private key in it, you can use any “user interface --> Daedalus or Yoroi or anything wallet which supports Cardano and hw wallets”.

I hope this answers your question, if not feel free to ask again :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok. So I understand that using Trezor my private keys saved on the device are valid to use any interface in this case Yoroi or Daedalus and I can operate safely using either of the two wallets + Trezor and that does not affect my current delegation either. It is right?
Thanks for your help and best regards

Yep thats totaly right. :slight_smile:

Have a nice day!


Thank you very much friend :+1:

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