Migrating from Daedalus to Yoroi - with 2 complicating factors

I could use some help and advice:
Goal: I want to shift everything over to Yoroi from Daedalus so I don’t have to store the blockchain.

  • Opened a wallet on Daedalus using my Trezor in January of 2021
  • Trezor has 12 word seed phrase
  • If Daedalus gave me another see phrase, I may have lost it (because I can’t find it right now)
  • I have most of my ADA staked via Daedalus wallet and I have ADA in the rewards address that I have not moved… probably take this opportunity to add the accrued rewards to my stake
  • I am confused on how to do it in Yoroi - I am nervous about the seed phrase situation and I’m not sure I have the seed phrase I need (is it asking me to enter the 12 from the Trezor?).
  • I believe I have a Shelley era wallet (not Byron).
  • Install chrome or brave
  • Install yoroi extension from official site
  • open yoroi - add wallet (shelley era) - connect trezor
  • now u should be able to see all ur funds

PS: u will not need a recovery phrase to access ur funds… the trezor 12 recovery words must be used only to restore the trezor wallet

PPS: as an alternative to daedalus or yoroi u have the option to connect the trezor on adalite.io (no need to install anything)


probably take this opportunity to add the accrued rewards to my stake

The rewards were added auto to the stake but not to available funds for spend


Awesome sauce, thank you! … can’t believe I missed the “use hardware wallet” next to the “Add new wallet” button in Yoroi… did the trick.

But here is a funny situation between the 3 wallets…
Daedalus (D), Yoroi (Y), and adalite (A)

D shows summary balance = x, and total rewards earned = y
Y shows Total ADA and Total Delegated balances = x, and Total rewards = z
A shows staking balance =x, but available balance = w, with rewards acct. balance = z
y - z = x - w … interesting

Auto-staking confirmed… thanks again.