Cardano wallets

Hi Sean Kelly here , i am having difficulty downloading the daedalus wallet it stops at around 77 % so i am looking for a recommendation for a wallet to move my ada from the exchange .I looked at infinito wallet and just wondering has anyone used this at is it a secure place to store ada . I have a trezor but they offer a third party option to store ada which is off putting .

Yoroi-Trezor is probably the best option:

Or if you’d like to try to get Daedalus going again, the best support at the moment seems to be in Telegram group

I use yoroi, and they just finished building a app for it which is going to be great. As soon as the app store approves it. :smiley:

also, yoroi works with trezor.

thanks guys i used yoroi , so can you transfer ada from yoroi to your trezor ? If ada is stored on your trezor can you use it for staking from there ?

Trezor is not another wallet, it merely holds the private key. You need to find instructions on using Yoroi with Trezor.

A combination with a hardware wallet is the best option. So for example Yoroi-Trezor. Or Daedalus-Ledger. Yoroi is an official wallet.
Here is a comparison: