Paper wallet for the pledge address?

Hi there,
I am a Cardano believer, at least for the mid-term period. I know the value of hard work and waiting for the fruits to come out of this project.
I have one question though, which is very important to me:
If I want to have a stake pool, do I choose my own pledge address? I just want to create a paper wallet offline never to use the private key, even after the pledge is made. Then I will transfer the pledge amount to this paper wallet. Is that possible?
Second question, if I decide to stake my ADA, would they be freezed for a certain period of time or can I use them?

Thank you for your answers!

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Hi Thomas,

Yes you can chose a pledge address and how much your pledge will be, the pledge just has to be available by the end of the epoch or no one staking to your pool gets rewards.

ada is never locked, unless in some smart contract. So you can delegate your ada to a stakepool and still use it.

You have spoken a bit about pledging and staking. Just want to clarify a couple things:

Pledging is a term used for a pool operator who has their own stake pool. They can pledge a certain amount of ada to their own pool. This is like backing your own pool. So if your pledge is not there no one gets rewards. The pool is then likely to lose credibility and people may delegate to a different pool.

If you are not running a stake pool and just delegating your ada (stake) to someone else’s pool, then that’s different.

In either cases your ada is not locked.

Your wallet is delegated, so any ada you add to that wallet is also delegating to the pool

Thank you for your answer! Though I just submitted a request to the support team because when I click on “create a paper wallet” link it tells me “oops, you are not authorized to view this page”.
I think this is extremely important for anyone who want to take responsibility for their ada in a simple way… Just keep the paper safe. On a computer, hardware, the unexpected can always happen.

The paper wallets will become available when the new Shelley enabled addresses become available.

If you’re in Daedalus then paper wallets are completely disabled.

Daedalus Wallets created at the moment are Byron era and not compatible with staking or voting. So anyone using daedalus will have to create a new wallet and send their ada to it. (No deadlines).

In Yoroi this will just be a software update as the wallets already have 15 seed words.

Ok. I will be waiting for the Shelley main net release.
Thank you.

Welcome to the community Thomas (@thomas_boisson), great to have you here

thank you!

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Hello Friends!

I just created a stake pool and I want to meet my pledge. How can use ADA in my Yoroi wallet as pledge for my pool? I am afraid to send that much ADA to my payment address in Cli and want to be able to have full control of it in my own Yoroi address.

I appreciate your help on this.