Largest Wallet Committed to Pledge for Staking Pool

With most of my ADA tied up as a pledge in a pool that would need to be decertified over serval days, I was wondering if I could just use this wallet to vote as if it weren’t pledged?

I feel like there shouldn’t be a drawback to pledging to the network’s health, do I have the right idea?

You should be able to vote if it is a daedalus/yoroi wallet

Okay, thank you, Alex. It is Daedalus, been through sever upgrades, with 1 ADA free.

When I was unable to unlock it with the PIN after scanning the QR code I thought the worst (that I had much less voting power than I anticipated).

I guess I will destroy and recreate it using the recovery phrase the next time around, or maybe even try during the current round later.

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You can send and receive ADA and other tokens while staking or even re-delegate to a different pool. It will just take some time (epochs) before the change goes into effect. Cardano staking is non-custodial and there is no drawback to delegating to a SPO of your choice. The rewards are automatically handled by protocol as well.

This is significantly better than other blockchain protocols in development which will remain nameless at this time :wink:

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I guess I don’t completely understand how delegators can be assured that the pool they pledged to hasn’t suddenly seen the pledge evaporate, and leave them wasting an epoch or two of potential delegation rewards.

They can’t be assured but they can set alarms for the pool

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