Cardano Server Daemon


I want to setup a Cardano server daemon but I don’t found documentation about.

For example, for ethereum I’m using go-ethereum but for cardano I don’t found something similar.

Please, can someone help me?

Thanks very much.

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Also you can join the dev chat and ask for a quick help there. Questions like this might be out of the forum’s format:

Well, following the instructions at the ithub documentation I had compiled the cardano-node-simple (btw this doc on github is a bit out of date).

But isn’t what I need. I think what I need is the cardano-node.

Digging on the documentation, I found I checked the options for my cardano-node-simple using --help and the wallet options isn’t present.

I don’t found references about how to compile cardano-node instead of cardano-node-simple at the docs.

Please, someone can help me again?

Ok. I found it.