Cardano SPO Column

Hey Stake Pool Operators,

Some of you have probably seen me on Twitter, or perhaps I’ve already interviewed you for my Cardano SPO Column. It’s been over 1 year since I began these weekly interviews, without missing a week :slight_smile:

I’m creating this post to attract other SPOs that would like to be featured on my column which is published first on The Cryptonomist in both English and Italian and 1 week later on my Medium.

You can find the complete list here:

I’m not very active on this forum, so if you follow me on Twitter and send me a DM there, I’d be happy to reserve you a slot and give you a chance to introduce your stake pool, share your story and describe your mission.

Have a good one!


Hi Patryk,

I’m interested in having the relatively new stake pool that I operate featured in your column. I wasn’t able to DM you using Twitter.

Change Pool [CHG]

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Sent you a dm :slight_smile: