Cardano StakeSync - Add-on for DB Sync and Smash

Hi there,

I’ve been working a lot with queries and scripts for DB Sync and Smash recently, and decided to build them into a dedicated application called Cardano StakeSync.

For those not aware of DB Sync, it’s a tool following the Cardano Blockchain to write its data directly into a PostgreSQL database. Pool metadata (pool name, ticker, description and website) can be collected and stored using a Smash server. StakeSync now adds another database, maintaining various additional live data such as address / stake balances and extended delegation and pool information.

Check out a live view of all databases here:

For step-by-step instructions on how to install the latest releases of Cardano Node, DB Sync and Smash, here’s a simple installation guide:

StakeSync is written in PHP and can easily be customized. The initial sync process takes about 12-24 hours, but once up to date it is very resource-friendly. No installation or required dependencies and no interference with your current server setup, data retrieval is standalone and read-only from the DB Sync and (optionally) Smash database. StakeSync works with the latest DB Sync 7.1 and Smash 1.3 releases, although the current feature set is also compatible with older versions.

More data and features are planned in future updates, for example retrieval of extended pool metadata and a REST Api.

To fund ongoing updates and support, the price for a StakeSync licence is currently 400 ADA. Would be great to be able to fund development via Catalyst or Stakepool operation at some point, in which case it could be turned into freeware.

Download StakeSync at


sweet and smart! Well done!

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With volatility at its peak, it might not have been the best time to denominate price in Ada… it’s lowered to 200 by now :wink:

The new ‘Developer Ecosystem’ campaign in Catalyst seemed like a great fit for StakeSync (and I’d love to spend more time on it and see it getting used more widely), so I made a proposal for Fund 3, entailing to turn StakeSync into GPL-licenced freeware and implement the upcoming features (Api and extended pool metadata sync). The proposal is at, feedback always appreciated.

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This is really cool. Thanks for sharing, will check out and buy a license if it makes sense to use.

Did you get support for fund 3?

Didn’t make it unfortunately, but maybe giving it another shot in a future fund.

Since there’s no feedback here in the forum yet, I’d be cool with giving you a free licence to get some confirmation it works as intended. Let me know if you’re interested,


Interested, basically want to calculate live stake and need to do what you did, unless this update will remove need (looks like there may be an upgrade to db-sync planned)?