Cardano Stay Safe Content [UPDATED]

Sorry for your lost. Usually the videos are not fake, the giveaway is :frowning:

I am a victim of a scam from this website: [Link removed by @Zyroxa] Please stay away from that. The same history I saw a message pop up on my telegram on a group ADA official news (which I never joined by my own capacity, but somehow I was already in the group) about the ADA giveaway and I decided to participate.
I could find out that this website is hosted by Is there some possibility to act against the user of that DDOS provider? I lost all my ADA in that action because i believed in the multiple messages published on that telegram group.

Crypto space (like life) sadly, has a number of bad actors, i saw this story and the company involved and think it might be useful in trying to get some justice for the people who have been victim to various scams

The story below is still to be concluded, the company Coach K has used, seem to provide a worthwhile service

The story behind this : Coach K is a crypto content provider

Coach K was scammed out of $250,000

Worth watching this video for a summary of what happens and what Liti are doing My SCAMMER has 48 hours... Until he is CAUGHT! - YouTube

Best wishes and hope you get your justice from the scum that hurt you

Always flag giveaways on youtube. Its the best we can do at this point. Other then warn people in comments.