Cardano student showcases at Student Scientific and Research Conference at the University of Transport and Communications in Hanoi, Vietnam

A total of five student-led projects have successfully developed applications on the Cardano blockchain platform. These projects were showcased at the Student Scientific and Research Conference held at the University of Transport and Communications in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Starting in December 2022, a group of 30 passionate students, guided and supported by instructors, Cardano ambassadors in Vietnam, and the Technical Team at, embarked on an exciting journey. This diverse cohort of blockchain enthusiasts was divided into five groups, each eager to explore the potential of the Cardano blockchain platform.

They mainly studied everything about the Cardano blockchain. They were starting with the fundamentals of composing and signing transactions creating tokens and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on our Prepod network. Moreover, they diligently worked on integrating wallets into their web applications, harnessing the full potential of Cardano’s capabilities.

(a picture of Integration session)

Despite their demanding university schedules, these dedicated students demonstrated unwavering commitment by investing tremendous effort within a concise timeframe. Juggling various academic responsibilities, they wholeheartedly devoted themselves to developing assigned applications within each team. Additionally, they actively participated in weekly meetings, ensuring regular updates on their progress and staying informed about any pertinent developments.

During the course of their journey, there were instances where one or two groups had to make the difficult decision of terminating their previously coded targeted traditional application (web2 alike). This was done in order to embark on a fresh start, aligning their efforts towards creating an application that could fully leverage the robust architecture and ecosystem tools of the Cardano blockchain.

( Students were debating about their projects)

Despite the setback, these resilient groups persevered and achieved remarkable results after five months of intensive work. The notable accomplishments they have made are as follows:

  • First prize: “Tamper Proof Certificate base on Cardano Blockchain” This project revolves around enabling Training Centers and Universities to issue certificates to their graduating students in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). By implementing this solution, it offers numerous benefits, such as enhancing the authenticity and traceability of certifications. Furthermore, the project facilitates future employers in effortlessly tracking and verifying the authenticity of issued certificates. This is made possible through a QR code attached to the application or curriculum vitae (CV) of the candidate. By scanning the QR code, employers can instantly access the necessary information, ensuring a seamless and reliable verification process. ( )

  • Second prize: “Crypto Payment Gateway on Cardano Blockchain” – this project is to develop an application that empowers shops and small business operators to list the prices of their goods in fiat currency while offering buyers the option to make payments using cryptocurrencies. By incorporating this application into their operations, businesses can cater to a wider customer base that prefers the convenience and benefits of cryptocurrency transactions. This solution provides a seamless bridge between traditional fiat currency pricing and the growing popularity of digital currencies, fostering greater accessibility and flexibility in the marketplace ( )

Along with 03 other award projects at Student Scientific and Research Conference related to Cardano Blockchain:

• Tracking Ownership of Digital artworks on the blockchain platform

• NFT Creator tool for non-tech users ( /)

• Voting Application on Blockchain

Thank you to the Eastern Townhall team, instructors, technical Team at and Cardano ambassadors in Vietnam for your contributions. Your dedication and passion have made this impact, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of this journey <3


Good on you Tien.

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