Cardano summit thoughts

Hey all, I have been at the Cardano summit all day as most of you have, and its been quite fun! Everyone is so positive, I have enjoyed my night here so far and am really happy to be here in Miami. I’m staying at the Riveria suites and its a great room! 198$ for 1 night, and learned a whole lot about the upcoming release in Cardano’ new Atala,


as well as the 5-watt Rockpi & rock pro 64 (solar power enable), 6 CPU cores, 4gb ram, solid state disk node that can be equipped with a battery and be made wireless and use solar to create a 24/7 node!

as well as a lot more about governance particularly the idea of statement voting and liquid democracy


and Charles getting ready to release the armada of Atala butterflies as a goodbye to everyone for the day!


Heres the second day so far!!

Simon Thompson presenting Marlowe!


as well as how CL and SL will communicate cross chain, particularly when CL transfers back to SL, SL takes has a record of all transactions before a certain slot to guarantee the next slot will be secured and correctly handed off to the new slot leader without having to recall the entire chain


Ill edit post with more as i upload :smiley:


Awesome! Thanks for the report!

Who was the presenter for Atala presentation? I want to find out more about that myself.


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Atala (previously Cardano Enterprise)

Bruno Woltzenlogel Paleo, IOHK director of engineering, and Carlos Vargas-Montero, IOHK associate product manager, present on how Atala will benefit from IOHK’s research while blending blockchain technology with other solutions to provide a holistic enterprise offering

Bruno Woltzenlogel Paleo

Carlos Vargas-Montero

Here is the video on Atala. Thank you #NostrADAmus for editing and posting these!