Cardano vs Ethereum

What makes ADA different from Ether

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For one….and I quote the CEO of IOHK. “Cardano’s virtual machine (called Yella) can do things that would make Ethereum look like a toy.”


Can someone elaborate on what @CryptoKnight wrote ?

Yella deployment has been postponed. It was an improvement of the EVM or Ethereum Virtual Machine. It would allow any Ethereum dap to port over to Cardano. It was too costly and needed more research to finish at the time (2018) but I have a feeling we will get a chance to vote on rekindling that research thread if IOHK doesn’t pick it back up themselves. It was part of the K framework effort to be able to translate any computer language into a form that Cardano core could understand. I believe Grigore Rosu the creator spoke at the Cardano summit. The K framework is far from dead and other people are funding development that Cardano can utilize in the future as well. More info here: