Cardano wallet integration help


I’m having troubles implementing ADA on our exchange, I’ve successfully implemented other coins like ETH and BTC and many others that use the same technology, but Cardano seems to be very very different, I saw that many changes has been recently made to the project, because of this many tutorials doesn’t help too much anymore.

I’ve few questions like:

1 - Do I need 2 nodes to manage/create addresses and send transactions? (1 block explorer and 1 relay node)

2 - Our node is not on the same server of the exchange database, so I’m using cardano-wallet to communicate with the wallets (Cardano Wallet Backend API Documentation), is this right?

3 - How should be the addresses schema? Because on bitcoin I can generate all our addresses inside only one wallet, but in Cardano we can only have 20 addresses inside the same wallet, so is reasonable to generate 1 wallet per exchange user?

4 - How would I generate transactions if I create the wallets using xpub? Because on transactions create it asks for a “password”.

5 - How should I listen to new transactions for my addresses? In bitcoin we have the walletnotify and on ethereum we can analyse the blocks to check for those transactions, on Cardano should I check for new transactions checking wallet per wallet on a cron?

Thanks and please don’t be rude, Cardano is new and different, there’s not too much information on how to integrate it over the web.

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Hey @mvcastellari

You probably should get in touch with the Cardano Foundation.

Feel free to send an email to