Rest API integration

How to create ADA address, sign transaction using rest api ?
Kindly do needful

Are you referring to…

1am so I have some brain freeze going on. :metal:

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Probably this repository has all the information you need to pick the library best for you:


Thank you for replies @Trigger @SebastienGllmt
@SebastienGllmt I need to run Blockchain node in my server to hit this api ? “https://localhost:8090/v2/wallets

Yes, for each solution you will have to run a node. If you’re looking for an API hosted by somebody else that you can reuse, I wouldn’t do it until after the Shelley hardfork because all the existing public APIs will go through breaking changes for this upgrade.

@SebastienGllmt I need to download ? ‘Download OpenAPI specification’.

@SebastienGllmt is there testnet option ?