Cardano Webcast - Monday 15th January 3.30pm Lisbon Time - we need your questions!

Any recommendations for a highly secure managed hosting service on which to run a full node? Which companies have the best reputation? What are the other security best practices for running a full node?

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The cryptoworld is moving at an incredibly fast pace, and several projects are trying to accomplish the same thing. While I support Cardano’s academic approach, and love peer review for the transparency and the inherent added security around the tech, it is very time consuming. What are Cardano’s thoughts and strategy to stay relevant in this rapidly evolving industry? Is there no fear that other cryptoprojects may lean on Cardano’s already peer reviewed tech, and deliver a similar product faster, making Cardano obsolete?


I second, third any requests for information on staking etc. I understand the need for things to be ready but anything on preparation for this being so or stake values for heavyweight etc would be an amazing step.
Full node readiness also. We will keep the network alive one day… hopefully

Are Cardano developers trading Ada?


American Cardano Investors will be taxed every year on their ROI’s. Will Americans be penalized on taking out a portion of their coins to pay off the taxman? What will be the best route to convert their ADA coins to USD without being double taxed? The new tax law explicitly states that every trade between alt coins will be taxed when a gain is realized. The law also lumps crypto currency as property but is excluded it from the like kind exchange rule.

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1.Please talk about the speed of the transactions and the fees of using ada,

  1. How is ada compared to ethereum, what’s similar, what’s different?

  2. Please explain how can people use the lovelace.

  3. What types of smart contracts could be created in ada?

Love the project,


  1. Would love to know how ordinary folks who are not computer scientists or developers but who are invested in Cardano can help expand the community and help the project.
  2. A lot of people are investing in ADA right now meaning they are holding their coins hoping they’ll appreciate. What is IOHK doing to circumvent this and ensure people not only buy ADA but use it as well?
  3. Cardano is billed as 3rd generation crypto. What does the team think will be 4th generation and is Cardano flexible / modular enough to support this?

Looking fwd to the webcast - keep up the great work - Cardano is awesome!


Great question - I have the same. I hope they address this in the webcast

At this stage of Cardano SL, where all blocks are created by nodes operated by IOHK and its partners, fees are collected and supposedly will be burnt. Can you shed some light on how much ADA in fees has been collected? Would it be possible for the foundation to create a tool (possibly on that tracks how much in fees is being collected until the Shelley release?


What does the transition process look like if an Ethereum based project wants to switch over to Cardano’s Blockchain?


Can you talk a bit about how do you picture the debit card implementation, and if it will require any special requirement from the applicant, such as a particular nationality?


What is the accepted way to submit change/feature proposals for either SL, Daedalus, or both? I’ve been exploring adding some things into Daedalus, but want to both make sure I’m not going to duplicate work with anyone else who may be doing the same thing, and make sure I don’t miss anything with making updates to the wallet backend. Plus I’ve seen whispers in the code of a “new wallet” backend and don’t want to modify code that is already on its way out.


What benefits will there be from becoming a stake group leader rather than a group member? Will the leader get a larger percentage of the rewards or will everyone receive equal percentages?

Venezuela entered into hyperinflation last year. The IMF says Venezuela’s inflation rate may raise beyond 2300% this year.

I’m curious if Cardano this year will be interested in making community inroads in places like Venezuela, the way projects like Dash and SmartCash have been doing since last year. Thanks.


If need be, do you have a path to making ADA inflationary, meaning, minting ADA beyond 45,000,000,000? Not learning from history, many are doomed to repeat it. There are very good, economic reasons why no country is on the gold standard anymore. If it came to it, are you prepared to make this paradigm shift in order to ensure Ada’s adoption by the entire world economy?

  1. do you guys have plans to increase the value of the coin or to Stabiilise the coin by adopting Coin burn?

I believe that if u burn coins, the value will go up because it becomes scarce which is good for investors and as long as no new coins are ever released, the value of the coin should hopefully stabilise over the long term. Maybe a coin for all?

  1. what was the reason behind making more coins available? Essentially, the investor may see smaller gains over time because the coin is not scarce. Was it for marketing reasons? Maybe you guys wanted to appear in the top 5 in the shortest amount of time so everyone buys buys buys?

  2. what was the reason behind making it open source?
    Essentially your competitors can collect the best ideas and implement them in their own systems.


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  1. Does Visa/Mastercard Or Amex see Cardano or any of these cryptocurrencies as a threat which could possibly restrict, limit OR eliminate the cryptocurrencies to fiat payments in bricks and mortar stores as well as shopping online?

I assume your Cardano debit card will have either visa/ mastercard OR amex on it.

In my country, every pos systems has visa, mastercard and amex, i dont see that changing anytime soon OR am I wrong?


Interesting question. There are ICO’s like TenX focusing on debit card payments. Maybe ask also if partnerships/cooperations with them are a possible way? Or if ADA-Card is issued by


OUCH! just read that VISA blocked wavecrest today and so several crypto-ICOs

I liked the idea of going decentralised, however I’m thinking if it’s worth it.

Seen from an environmental perspective, is cryptography currencies more environmental friendly than fiat currency ?

Building applications: does it give sense to build something for the sake of more reliability if it’s eating Mother Earth faster than it should.?

I have no idea but just some stupid questions/thoughts which popped up in my mind Friday night :slight_smile: