Cardano4Climate at Summit 2022 videos

Introduction to “Impact as an Opportunity for Cardano” at Cardano Summit 2022
A showcase of 12 Social &/or Environmental Impact projects built on Cardano.

Hosted by Cardano4Climate - Cardano Summit 2022 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

This video is #1 of a series of 14 videos
produced by Petr Smělík & Gustaf Ubby, 2022 -

Meet Cardano4Climate

Cardano4Climate 2/14
UK: 62% of people admit dropping street litter
US: 90% of residents agree litter is a problem

Meet OpenLitterMap: gamifying litter collection OFF the streets & INTO $ADA rewards!

Cardano4Climate 3/14

World Bank study: Ugandan education grant flows - 87% funds do not reach schools
Meet: DirectEd Smart contracts no middlemen = 100% funds to student

DirectEd Development Foundation is a disruptive charitable non-profit organisation whose purpose is to provide evidence-based and remote-employment-focused bootcamps to under-resourced high-potential students in Africa, equipping them with the most sought-after digital skills on the global market and realise their potential as leaders of Africa’s digital transformation.