Cardano's NFT's against YouTube SCAM?

Hi, all,
As we all see the scammers use the copy of Charles video’s to create their ‘giveaway videos’. Is it technically possible, now or in the future, that given Charles (or any other original) video, to wrap an NFT around that video and oblige YouTube to broadcast the video with Charles (or the original creator) only if it comes from an NFT?
It might be a good collaboration project with Theta, I think.

We can’t oblige youtubers anything so what difference does it make if the video is a nft. They will just use the non-nft video. Only youtube can ban youtubers and they don’t. Probably because they earn lots through them.

Best thing we can do is for all of us to continually send out this message:

Charles, iohk or the foundation

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Thanks for the answer!
Indeed, if the YouTube does not want to collaborate then this is pointless, of course. :frowning: But I believe, once in the future we have streaming and broadcasting services running on Smart Contracts than this problem will be solved.
And of course, I tell my friends who want to invest in ADA about the scammers and ‘no giveaways’.

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