Cardano's scaling plans?

So i read many blog, websites etc. and each of them would indicate the TPS if Cardano differently. I seek the help from the community on this important topic of Scaling.
whats Cardano’s tps like? and how are they going to scale in the future? And how better will they scale in comparision to their Comptitor like EOS WIDOUT affecting the decentralization of the network?
thanks everyone and wish u a happy new year


Read up on sidechains and computational layer. Cardano isn’t one chain as many might think, it is an ecosystem of chains—the blockchain of blockchains if you will. It can scale by creating parallel chains.

A truly amazing project if you understand it. Other chains look like one-trick ponies compared to Cardano.


could you maybe explain the concept of parallel chains or maybe link up a interesting article? I did see the paper on it bt thats a bit longer and technical as well.

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The best short (5 min) answer on scalability, limitations, maximums & TPS: