Cardano, How good will 2021 be and the scalability issues to overcome

Good evening all
It’s great watching Cardano grow:
Project Catalyst
The Hard Fork Combinator
The partnerships already in place, others being progressed. etc.
The community/SPO’s etc.

What an awesome time to be in this community
As Charles mentions, our ability to innovate and integrate will be a crucial factor in Cardano creating a brilliant future.
Peer review might not be the quickest and some things may not have arrived as quick as we would like, but getting it right is what you will be remembered for.

This link is to great review highlighting the difficulties other blockchains are finding with creating the solution to scalability.

The whole vid is worth watching, although if you want the juicy stuff, just fast forward to 7min 40sec

Thanks to all within Cardano/IOG/Emurgo for all your hard work :clap:

lol, tar monster #3 is only about 2 years away from figuring out what Cardano is capable of.